Areas of Practice


Our friendly approachable staff, and welcoming office environment will help you and your family through life's transtions.

Divorce and separation, including child custody, access, support and property division, are central to our family law practice. We aim for mediation in family disputes in order to save our clients the emotional burden and long-term distress that can be caused by court. In addition to common-law separation and marriage breakdown, we also help clients to revisit co-parenting arrangements in the years following relationship dissolution.

Our family practice also includes negotiation of marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements for committed couples.

Our lawyer guides people through the utility and necessity of wills, powers of attorney and living directives. We offer straightforward and comprehensive service that ensures the legal documents are in place to properly distribute clients' assets upon death and that our clients' wishes for health and personal care are respected in a period of incapacity.

Our residential real estate work involves advising buyers and sellers on the implications of contracts of purchase and sale, as well as the execution of documents that complete property transfer.

Corporate Law

Our corporate clients are North Calgary small-business owners requiring advice on corporate structure, record keeping, contracts, agreements and the legal aspects of daily operations.

Notary Public

A notary public can serve as an official witness to the execution (signing) of contracts, agreements, and legal documents. A Notary also has the authority to administer oaths, solemn affirmations, and declarations that are used for affidavits and statutory declarations. A notary public may also certify documents to be true copies of the original.


Commissioners of oaths are empowered under provincial legislation to administer and witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations in the taking of an affidavit for any potential legal matter.

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